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The World Fastest & Lightest PC Cleaner

Ultimate All-In-One Solution to Keeping Your PC Clean and Safe

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Yet Another Cleaner
  • Clean your browsing history to protect your privacy and block all ma-licious plug-ins
  • Block tracking activities that you don’t trust and allow the ones you trust
  • Detect and remove specific virus and malware from your PC
  • Remove junk files, plugin and privacy of browser
  • Speedup your PC by 50% faster
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Step 1

Click here to download YAC

Step 2

Double-click the installation fileand follow the on-screen instructions to install it.

Step 3

Run and "Examine now" to fix all problems detected on your computer.


We recommend it especially to less-experienced users who do not want to get into the technical details of PC cleaning and optimazating.


Yet Another Cleaner, conocido también como Yac, esuna brillante aplicaclión para limpiar y optimizar tu PC.UN amplio paquete de herramientas gratuito, multilin-güe y a decuado para todo tipo de usuarios.

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