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    Protect the Browser from Multiple Malicious Plug-ins

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    A Powerful Registry Cleaner That Doesn't Break Things

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    Clear Browser History to Protect Your Privacy

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    Speeds up Slow Computers, Helps Save Disk Space with Ease

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    Easy-to-Handle and Simple Interface even if you are a newcomer

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  • 02/09/2015 10:43:20

    The software has made great strides, and is coming to the top. There is a great possibility of this software make the front of the list. Congratulations to all employees and developers. Excellent Software.
    --------Allan Selá

  • 02/07/2015 06:25:37

    I invite you to use this software which is fast, efficient and free...and to donate a bit for these pals if you're satisfied. YAC really makes a difference... ------Olivier Bony

  • 02/07/2015 11:30:52

    A coupe days ago a Trojan virus "Trovi" managed to infiltrate my computer along with 2 browser extensions that are recognized as "poor" reputation and ultimately malicious. The two browser add ons "Managera" and "Extutil" could not be removed with my virus protection Avast or Google software removal tool. Then I discovered YAC!! Thanks YAC I'm now protected and once again my computer is running like new.
    -------Mark Fowler

  • 02/08/2015 07:32:48

    Yac is a much more secure software, I use my computer for 3 years maintenance on my computer for 3 years and I am doing with yac format happened... very easy to use, my friends, I installed on their computers. Thank you for this service.
    -------Beyhan Aydın

  • 02/08/2015 09:36:21

    This app is awesome. I accidentally installed a heap of crappy malware (one of which was 'Search Protect') and YAC cleaned them all out, I'd highly recommend this app, great stuff. -------Matthew J Lakeland

  • 02/06/2015 05:44:51

    Many thanks for this value Tool. It's very efficient and make the computer quicker and more secure. Easy handling and free of charge. Only if you want you can spend some money, what is more then convenient. -------Markus Menzi

What Is YAC?

All-In-One PC Protection Service with Malware Removal, Outdated Registry&Cookies Cleaner, Privacy Protection and System Cleaning Capabilities.

Why Use YAC?

100% Free and Over 20,000,000 Customers
One-Click Remove New Virus and Malicious Plug-ins
24h Keep Surfing and Shopping Safe Online

What does Professional YAC Virus Removal software do?

YAC is exactly that: an efficient little program makes fast work of outdated registry entries, cookies, and temporary files. YAC also helps protect your browser from malicious plug-ins. Via clear out of cache/browser history,emptying the recycle bin,old Windows logs,memory dumps and other "unseen" objects to speeds up slow computers, helps save disk space and keep computer running smoothly.

  • Scans a computer system at lightning fast speed, with a single button clean up and optimize the computer system
  • Automatically clears cache/browser history and emptying the recycle bin
  • Protect the browser from malicious plug-ins
  • Software manager is used to remove processes which are currently running
  • Disable or Start-up Delay some software that don't need to start along with the computer boot.
  • YAC's Boosting ball, accelerates computer's running speed and keep computer running smoothly by one click.
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Reliable and One-click remove virus
include browser hijacker/ malware/spyware with easy interface.
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