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[Get Rid of]How to remove/clear from My Browser(Removal Guide)

My computer must be under a malware attack, when I type something (for example, letter ‘a’) into the address bar and press enter, it redirects me I tried to change the search provider back into but failed. On the settings page, Safe search is greyed out, a deletion is not allowed. Is there any solution to this problem? How to fix it? (Problem Solved)


Labeling itself a safe search provider created by AVSoftware that filters malicious sites or sites with bad reputation. is in fact a Google redirect virus, another transformation of (an early browser hijacker we found). is a redirect virus, which auto changes all your browsers to by default without notifying you. It is reported by many users as unwanted and suspicious browser hijacker. People who get infected with this hijacker are anxious to eliminate it. That’s also why we are writing this article- try to solve your problem. Below is a screenshot of


SafeSearch has the ability to copy its files to your hard disk, change your browser settings and create new startup key with name Safesearch and value ??plorer.exe. That’s the main intrusion method of it, and a victim can only notify the browser homepage and new tab are hijacked by Look closely, you will find all your search queries are rerouted to For example, when you just suppose to search for Anvisoft via this search provider, yet, by clicking any of the results presented by, your queries are rerouted to See below image for reference:

redirect.jpg Removal Guide

Must-Have Tools Requirement:  Free Download YAC Virus Removal Software

Step 1: To make the removal easier, scan you PC with Anvi Smart Defender to disable virus, and malware process.

    Anvi Smart Defender Official Download:

    Free version: (Full ability in detecting and removing virus, rootkits, Trojan, and other malware)


    Pro version: (+ Real-time guard of your PC.+ automatic malware database update, and other extra benefits.)



Step 2: Uninstall SafeSearch Toolbar.


    Windows 7:
    Click Windows Start button> Navigate to Control Panel> Locate and hit Programs and Features> Find “SafeSearch” and click on uninstall

    Windows XP:
    Click Windows Start button> Choose Settings>Navigate to Control Panel> Locate and click on Add or Remove Programs> Find “SafeSearch” and click on uninstall

Step 3: Remove from the homepage of IE/FF/Chrome.

    Internet Explorer:
    Click on Tools> Select Internet Options> On the General interface> Type the desired website in the Home page area> Click Apply to complete the operation


    Google Chrome:
    Click on the Wrench or 3-Bars icon> Settings> In On startup section click Set pages> mouse-over to the and click the x symbol to remove it> Add your preferred domain and set it as your homepage.


    Mozilla Firefox:
    Click Tools> Options> Switch to General in the opened window> Remove from the homepage box and enter a preferred domain > Click OK to complete the change.


Step 4: Remove from the new tab of IE/FF/Chrome.

    Internet Explorer:
    Tools> Internet Options> General> Find the Tabs area, and click on Settings> Click on the button under: When a new tab is opened, open: > Select A blank page> Hit OK to complete the operation.


    Google Chrome:
    Click on the Wrench or 3-Bars icon > Settings > Search > Manage search engines > Check the list of Default search engines, Other search engines> Remove> Click OK to complete the change.


    Mozilla Firefox:
    Type about:config into the address bar> Press Enter> Accept the Warning> Search for browser.newtab.url in the search bar >Right click on the result to reset. (Remove whether by setting it a blank page, or typing the desired website in the box,) > Hit OK to apply the change.


Step 5: Check Windows HOSTS file and remove additional malicious entries.

    Go to: C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\etc\hosts.


    Open the hosts file with Notepad, and you should see below image.


    There should be only: localhost, in Windows XP.
    & localhost
    ::1 localhost
    in Windows Vista

    If you see more lines of code and IPs, delete them

Now, is supposed to be completely removed from your browsers. However, your browser may still act weirdly due to corrupt registry entries left and plug-ins/extension added by this hijacker. Then go further steps with step 6-7.

Step 6: Remove related toolbar/add-ons/extensions from IE/FF/Chrome

    Internet Explorer:
    Tools > Manage Add-ons > Find and delete related toolbar/add-on/extension


    Google Chrome:
    Click on the Wrench or 3-Bars icon> Tools > Extensions > Find and delete related toolbar/add-on/extension


    Mozilla Firefox:
    Tools > Add-ons (Ctrl+Shift+A) > Find and delete related toolbar/add-on/extension


Step 7: Clear corrupt files, fix registry errors and systematic flaws left by (Very Important)

    Run a system cleaner tool to fix all the problems in one-click.

    Why not provide a manual removal guide?

    To completely delete a program from your computer involves many processes, including deleting and fixing registry entries created by the program, which is too complicated and unfriendly to achieve. Any improper modification or deletion of system data may result in a fatal problem to your computer. Do not perform a manual removal of registry entries unless you are an expert in this field.

    No system cleaner tool? Why not try Cloud System Booster. The award-winning system optimizer can help you fix the problem and boost your PC in one click.

    Cloud System Booster Official Download:


    After you successfully download the program, double click on the setup file to install it.

    Click on the Boost button to clear cookies, caches, corrupt files and fix registry errors left by

    Hit Clean to complete the removal.


Now is supposed to be completed removed from your computer. Further more, you'd better run your antivirus program for a full scan to make sure your computer is disinfected with virus. Fix systematic flaws to make your PC invulnerability to virus attack in the future.

Scan Your PC form Virus Infection.

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What to do if you failed to remove the infection?
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