A guide on how to eliminate/remove Gothotresults Redirect Virus(click.gethotresults.com Removal Guide)

Hijacked by click.gethotresults.com? Gothotresults redirect frequently happens to your brower search? Read this post to find out more.

To cater to our readers’ query about weired online activity related to click.gethotresults.com redirect, we’ve done a research related and here reveal the truth that we found to help our users to resolve this issue. The problem is about redirects that happen when you are looking up on Google or other search engines. In other words, the stage of entering search query into Google, and getting the results is fine. However, once you start clicking through the SERPs, you go to click.gethotresults.com instead of actually hitting the right URL. Bascially, this means people who are running this virus are earning some money due to large volumes of traffic they get this way. Not many know that this is because of a trojan or rootkit infection, the latter refers that malicious processes get hidden and barely yield to detection by most antivirus/antimalware tools. Hence, fixing the issue comes down to removing the piece of malware that’s messing up your cyber life big time. It is easily doable to get rid of click.gethotresults.com redirect virus by following below removal instructions for Gothotresults redirect virus.

Must-Have Tools Requirement:  Free Download YAC Virus Removal Software

A screenshot of click.gethotresults.com. Just be aware.

How to Detect and Remove click.gethotresults.com redirect (Google Redirect Virus Removal Instructions)

Please follow all the way up below to ensure the computer is clean from this click.gethotresuls.com redirect virus. Good luck and be safe online. If any question in the process, please feel free to get in touch. Anvisoft is at your service.

Step 1> Download, install theTDSSkiller.exe (safe direct download) to scan the computer in order to make sure the compuer is clean from any stubborn rootkit infections.

Step 2>To make sure the computer is clean from trojans or malware related, please download, install the antimalware tool Anvi Smart Defenderto full scan the computer OS. The direct download link is officially secured:http://www.anvisoft.com/software/asd/

Step 3> To effortlessly block the malicious sites or potentially annoying pop up ads, we highly recommend you the Anvi Ad Blocker, a nimble tool focused on online activities monioring. To efficiently block click.gethotresults.com or any other suspicious sites or your unwanted sites, in Anvi Ad Blocker, all you need to do is going to MORE->Settings->Black List->Add URL, then type “ click.gethotresults.com” or any other URL you don’t wantand then click Add to save the change and click X to close the window. Finally click Apply to make it effective. That’s it. Below is a detaild guide to do so, you may just check it out.

fix click.gethotresults.com redirect.jpg

clickgothotresults block.jpg

Please note, Anvi Ad Blocker free trial version will expire in 15 days.However it is totally free integrated in Anvi Smart Defender Pro to benefit our users to a max degree. If any question about malware removal or just on our software, please feel free to contact our Technical Help Center Online.

Recommended step> After removing virus removal every time, you may need a system cleaner like Cloud System Booster to entirely clean up the OS to get peak PC performance. Cloud System Booster hereof is availble for free to try here(direct download). Also there is a pro edition for advanced pc system maintenance. Safe direct download it here for a nice try.

Protect Your Computer from click.gethotresults.com and Similar Google Redirect Virus

We highly suggest you keep the Antimalware tool Anvi Smart Defenderto protect your computer online together with your installed antiviurs. It is smart and integrated with a series of nimble tools to meet your special needs such as browser repair tool, Anvi Ad Blocker and Cloud System Booster as well. By the way, we again highly recommend you Anvi Ad Blocker(direct download) to efficiently block those malicious websites such as phishing sites and annoying ad pop ups real-timely in a smart manner. Or else, please at least turn on the security features of browsers like IE, Google Chrome, Firefox to better secure your online activities. See details related about this.

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