How to Clean PUP.Optional.AirInstaller?

How to Clean PUP.Optional.AirInstaller?

A high-risk virus called PUP.Optional.AirInstaller is detected by the antivirus program in the computer? You have tried the removal or quarantine function of antivirus program several times, but still feel frustrated because you keep receiving the warnings about this Spyware from the antivirus program after restarting the computer? How to remove PUP.Optional.AirInstaller safely without any damage to the computer and the files in the computer.


PUP.Optional.AirInstaller is manifested as dangerous Spyware infection which is able to slip onto your PC without your consent. It can root deeply onto the system and escape from anti-virus programs. PUP.Optional.AirInstaller enters onto victim’s PC through compromised web pages and accepting online offers from the unknown publishers.

Once PUP.Optional.AirInstaller gets onto user’s PC, it will mess up the computer by adding malicious files and registry which also enables the virus to execute every time the computer starts up. It can randomly redirect user’s browser to unsafe websites. Because of PUP.Optional.AirInstaller you may face the problems like slow pc performance, unwanted error may display on the screen, shut down and restart of system may often happen. It downloads more visible components that generate revenue for the botnet owners. PUP.Optional.AirInstaller may Open backdoor to the attacker, it keep an eye on every keystroke or mouse click to collect your vital information and report to the attacker. This infection clean intention is to perform identify theft and extort certain amount of users earnings to fulfill their illicit needs. It is important to always perform system scans with a trusted antispyware program to detect and eliminate dangerous threats such as PUP.Optional.AirInstaller.

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  • PUP.Optional.AirInstaller infects your registry and uses it to launch annoying pop up ads out of nowhere. You can’t do anything just with the pops up.
  • PUP.Optional.AirInstaller invades system without any permission
  • PUP.Optional.AirInstaller can propagate via e-mail to contact in your address book
  • The payments website of PUP.Optional.AirInstaller is suspicious claims your OS is unsafe.
  • PUP.Optional.AirInstaller;is installed/ run without your permission.

HOW TO REMOVE PUP.Optional.AirInstaller QUICKLY?

Install The World Fastest & Lightest PC Cleaner YAC.

Once installed, open the program, turn to "Cleanup" function, and then click on the button "Scan".

Then YAC can help you clean all the hidden adware in your PC, and you can click "Clean" to finish all the cleanup.You can also cleanup adware in "Home" function.

Further more, you can also get rid of potential ad popup, banner and all the annoying advertisement by using the "Ad block" function , YAC will show you a clean and pure on-line surfing experience.



In order to remove PUP.Optional.AirInstaller manually you need to have technical knowledge first then only you can remove it manually as it requires the knowledge of system files and registry files and if you don’t have any idea about this then trying manual methods can lead you to more problematic situations and one wrong file deletion can make your system completely unusable. The Steps for manual Removal of PUP.Optional.AirInstaller are:

Step 1:

  • First of all restart your system in safe mode and for that press F8 key after you start you start your computer.
  • Then select “Safe Mode With Networking” from the Advanced options window using down arrow key.
  • Step 2:

  • Open task bar by pressing CTRL + DEL + ALT and terminate all the process related to PUP.Optional.AirInstaller threat.
  • Step 3:

  • Open Registry Window by typing “regedit” in Run window.
  • Once it opens search the registry files related to PUP.Optional.AirInstaller and delete all of them.
  • Step 4:

  • Search all the PUP.Optional.AirInstaller related files manually in your system and delete them.

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